Hay Day tips and tricks you need to know

Author: Keith Stockwell — Last updated: September 7th, 2016


One of the best tricks we’ve came across in Hay Day is the infinite newspaper. For this trick to work you have to change the language every time you want to search thru different newspaper for new deals and items.

Whenever you see a yellow tag on a certain add in the newspaper you should visit those farms and water their trees and bushes in order to get extra experience.

If you want free items you should go to a neighbor farm or a friend farm and search for mystery boxes. Sometimes it won’t be so easy to find them because they could be hidden behind houses, trees or bushes. However, when you do find them – click on them. If it asks you for 3 diamonds you shouldn’t give them. Simply click outside of the box (pop out) and not on the X button. If you don’t get the item then try again. Just tab their icon in the friends bar in order to reload the farm and search for the boxes again.

Another great tip is to hire Tom for 10 days when you get the offer. At the end of those 10 days you will get back your 90 Diamonds you’ve spend on him plus a few more. The trick here is buying shovels every 2 hours (starting from the moment you’ve hired Tom) and putting them in use for mining in order to get more Diamonds.

Sometimes it is better to take orders which are offering more stars than cash because stars are very important for leveling up. They are actually the experience that you need in order to level up faster. Therefore do not hesitate to accept an offer even when it seems that the cash for it is low.

This one is a standard tip but it may help you when you are on the lower side regarding resources. You can earn free diamonds simply if you follow Hay Day on Facebook and you will get even more if you link your device with it. Also entering their contest and completing achievements will get you some free Diamonds as well.

And last but not least, if all of the above seems like too much work for you, then you should definitely try our Hay Day hack and experience this game on another level. Our Hay Day hack will generate you free Diamonds so you will be able to enjoy this game without any limitation.