Learn how to get free Diamonds with this Hay Day Hack

Hay Day diamonds hack

Author: Keith Stockwell — Last updated: January 31th, 2017

We can all agree on this one: If you don’t have enough Diamonds in Hay Day, this game becomes torture. All those timers and limitations that are constantly reminding you to spend money and buy in-app purchases are so annoying right?

What if we tell you that now you can have unlimited amounts of Diamonds for free?

With our new and updated version of the Hay Day hack you can get countless Diamonds in less than 5 minutes. You don’t have to download anything because now the tool is operated completely online.


All you need is a stable internet connection and the latest Hay Day app installed on your device.

Enter your username or email, select the amount of Diamonds you want and after a few minutes they will be transferred to your account. That’s it, simple, free and easy to use – the best Hay Day hack tool is here.

Please use the hack tool responsibly, for maximum safety our suggestion is to use it not more than once per week.

What is this hack and how can you benefit from it?

This Hay Day hack is merely a tool to bring more excitement in your game-play by speeding things up. With all the free Diamonds you will generate you can level up faster and avoid all the annoying timers which seem to be hanging on everything in this game from harvesting to upgrading and processing.

Now thanks to our hack you can avoid all that waiting and anticipation and play as much as you want to with no limitations at all.

Is this kind of cheating in Hay Day safe?

We say cheats, because technically all Hay Day hacks are based on cheating the system in order to get free resources for which you otherwise have to pay.

As you know there have always been all kinds of hacks and cheats that players use for almost every game under the sun. And as long as new games are coming out there will be new hacks and cheats for them too. Therefore, yes there are safe cheats for many games including Hay Day. You just have to find the right one because there are a lot of scams also.

Our Hay Day cheat is a web-based tool that is operated online which is always the safer choice. You don’t need to download any shady files and risk getting your device infected with some kind of virus or malware. Also we’ve incorporated excellent private proxy support to make sure that you won’t get detected or banned from the game. This anti-ban system is another guarantee for the level of safety of our Hay Day hack. As long as you stick to the “rules” and use the hack responsibly there is no need to worry, your account will be safe. So in conclusion the answer to the question above is – yes, this cheat is totally safe to use.

Free diamonds

How does it work?

Our hack tools’ functionality is based on a loophole we’ve discovered in the Hay Day game servers which we’ve used to our advantage. What it does is basically cheating the system in to transferring Diamonds to a certain account like they have been regularly purchased, when in fact there wasn’t any payment or money transfer made. The algorithm we’ve used to perform this “magic” is crafted almost to perfection and the success rate we’ve had so far is a good indicator for that. The hack tool was tested numerous times on different devices and browsers and everything works fine. Also we are constantly updating our algorithm to make sure it is compatible and works with the latest version of the game.

How to use it?

The interface of this Hay Day hack is basically self-explanatory. The fact that it works online makes it that much easier to use. All you have to do is just fill the required fields with the needed information and that’s it.

First you enter your username, email or ID, then you select the amount of resources you wish to generate, click the generate button and wait a few minutes until our generator does its tricks.

After this when you open the game your brand new and most importantly free Diamonds will appear on your account. This hack was designed to be easy and simple so anyone can use it to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. And don’t forget this hack is free and always will be, just try not to overuse it. As mentioned above, it is the safest if you use it not more than once per week.

The reason behind this Hay Day hack tool

Our Hay Day hack is developed with one purpose only, which is helping all the players that can’t afford buying in-app purchases to obtain them for free so they don’t feel left out. Since the game is age appropriate and everyone can enjoy its game-play it is obvious that a lot of children are playing Hay Day, which means that they are automatically in disadvantage compared to the adults who thanks to their salary can buy additional resources. And it is not only the children that are in disadvantage, this also applies to many adults (including us) which simply can’t afford to spend so much money on a game as the in-app purchases tend to be on the pricier side. So if you are asking yourself why do we give this hack for free? The above written is the answer. We feel like everyone should have an equal chance of enjoying this game without limitations or feeling left out.

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